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The Beavercrew. . .

Beaverscrews, Beavertape, Beaverdisc, Beaver-Sand and now the NEW Beaver Multi-Tool Blades!

The Beaver range of products started with Beaverscrews® the high performance wood screw, were released in 2019, the first product in the range and our flagship brand launch ahead of a great range of products being developed behind the scenes.


We have since launched these additional new products to the Beavercrew, with the same quality and reliability in mind.


Beavertape which consists of Multi-purpose duct tape in 2 different sizes and Quality Masking Tape in 5 different sizes.


Plus Beaverdisc, an evolving range of high quality Cutting, Grinding and Abrasive discs.


Beaver-Sand, mesh sanding discs and rolls for professional sanding and finishing.

And now... The latest addition to the Beavercrew is Beaver Multi-Tool, Innovative new curved design multi-tool blades.

The team are constantly beavering away, developing the next cutting edge product - more coming soon!


Simply the best
screw you'll have
had in ages! 
Quoted: OnTheTools.TV

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Beaver Forest

Reliably Effective

All Beaver products are created with reliability in mind,

only the best products make it into the 'Beavercrew'.

Take a look at our Beaverscrews, Beavertape and Beaverdiscs pages for more information.


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Strong Branding

All of the Beaver products have an original striking brand identity, not only do they stand out on the shelf but they all stand up to their applications out in the field.

Beaverscrews | Beavertape | Beaverdisc

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About us

The Beaver story began in 2018 when it was decided the humble wood screw would benefit from a fun and exciting upgrade.

As the market stood, there was a gap for a fresh and powerful new brand with not only personality but performance too. Fun, cheeky and suggestive with a memorable Beaver mascot yet full of advanced features from a self-countersinking head to quality wax lubrication for fast insertion.

Beaverscrews high performance woodscrews began to quickly penetrate the market during the latter part of 2019. Supplied in boxes, tubs and with a ‘Lodge’ CDU and other goodies, Beaverscrews® are a firm favourite of both end users and merchants alike.

And as they say the rest is history - grab yourself some Beaver products and find out for yourself how they bite!

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