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Beaverscrews Anchor


Beaverscrews® are advanced premium wood screws which feature a superb shank giving a fast insertion speed and incredible pull out resistance compared to your average wood screw.


Beaverscrews® also features a double countersunk head, 6 Nibs under head and sharp point for fast pick up. Beaverscrews® can be used in hardwood, softwood, chipboard and MDF for satisfying results every time!


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Full Features & Benefits:


These screws have some really great features not found on other screws. I've used them to fit floor boards back down and they don't break the heads off or split the boards. They are a great screw for finishes too as they countersink very nicely into many types of wood.

Apex Electrical Controls Ltd
24th July 2021

As a kitchen installer most of my time is spent screwing into MFC, I normally use Reisser cutters to save on drilling pilot holes. The beaver wood bit into the laminate just as well as the Reissers, the beaver woods countersunk flush better and cleaner than the Reissers.

JMH Installations
24th June 2021


Box Details

Tub Details


'Lodge' Counter Display Unit Details

Beaverscrews® "Lodge" holds a 38 box suggested configuration of our 6 most popular sizes of Beaverscrews® as follows:

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